Safety and Gambling Online

Online Casino Gaming – How Protected Are You?

It is the hack heard around the world, as the revelations from Ashley Madison security breach are set to be felt for a long time to come. Posted on several ‘Dark Net’ websites, Ashley Madison users were left exposed to the world. Reality TV stars, public figures, military personnel, and even politicians had their personal details and memberships revealed. This hack has raised serious questions about how internet based business are protecting customers. An industry that is housed entirely on the Internet is the online casino industry. Given its nature it seems in the wake of the Ashley Madison hack many are asking questions about how online casinos are working to protect players.

While the Ashley Madison hack is high profile, the multi-million dollar lawsuits and public arrests signify that, it isn’t the first major hack to put the spotlight on online casino security. Ashley Madison is just another name in a long line of high profile hacks, as the likes of Sony, Adobe, JP Morgan Chase, and eBay have all been targeted. Given all that has occurred, how can you be sure that you are playing somewhere safe? What is it that players should be looking out for from an online casino security perspective?

The first thing to look out for is casinos that offer bonuses that just sound too good to be true. In some cases, these casinos are pure scam and should be avoided in all cases. There are still good promotions out there at perfectly safe casinos, but it can be hard to know from the get go which operators are sound, and which one aren’t. To avoid the scam casinos, it’s recommended that you use trusted iGaming guides such as when you are looking for casino bonuses and free spins UK.

In many ways it isn’t easy for an online casino to become known as both safe and secure. In fact, some even compare the rarity of it to striking oil. What has changed in recent times is how major brands approach on-site security. No longer happy to get by on sheer dumb luck, online casino operators now invest millions of euros into site security and customer protection. What has come out of such investment is that generally speaking most online casinos now run a tight ship when it comes to security. Any online casino worth their salt now utilises SSL encryption technology at a minimum. What this does it put members private information under lock and key. Another key security measure is firewall implementation, as it works to keep pesky intruders at bay. Not only that, lesser-known methods of protection such as anti-hacker tools and in-game audits are also used by some online casinos.

If all the above information has you wondering which way is up don’t worry, as help is now on hand. Taking in what has been said you can use an online casino portal to its fullest potential. This genre of website is considered to be the perfect accompaniment to the online casinos of the world. Sites like bring together the stats and facts that help players determine whether a certain online casino is right for them. Through previews, reviews, and user comments, determining what online casinos are good and what online casinos are bad has never been easier.

Do you feel that your current online casino isn’t protecting you? Do you feel that it is the right time to try somewhere new? Well an online casino portal can help you find a secure and safe place to play.