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Unibet brings iGame Group into the fold

When you think of Unibet you immediately think of sports betting. The company has worked tirelessly over the years to become a leading alternative sportsbook to the major “big three”. With their market position now truly solidified, they have made moves with regards to product diversification. After already announcing their intention to launch in the world of online casino gaming, it seems through their latest move they are set to kick things off on the right foot. Unibet has reached an agreement to take over iGame Group and all of the company’s subsidiaries, which means a full online casino launch for Uninet may not be far off.

Expansion Ideas

iGame Group may not be a huge name on the online casino portal circuit, but their online casino bonuses have made them a name on the casino scene. By visiting a casino portal, players can pick up huge welcome bonuses at their sites. Personally, I would go to sverigescasinon for casino bonus information, as they have reviewed all of the brands included in the iGame Group as well as Unibet. iGame are considered highly reputable in Nordic regions and Central Europe. Both areas are considered to be iGame Group’s home turf, something that Unibet will now have a direct line into. It will allow them, via seven already established local brands, to launch sports betting, poker, and online casino gaming products through an already established platform. Talk of whether the Unibet name will replace “iGame” is yet to be decided, with the transaction not set to receive the inevitable stamp of approval in October this year at the earliest. From a business perspective the decision to acquire iGame Group at such time is considered a wise one. Re-regulation is thought to be on the horizon in Nordic regions, which means Unibet’s decision to thrash out a deal now could prove ingenious. For a cash price of just €59 million, iGame Group could be the acquisition that helps Unibet truly become one of the ‘faces’ of the online casino landscape.

Familiar Structure

In attempt to make the takeover as seamless and simply as possible, by all accounts Unibet are not looking to immediately alter the business structure of iGame Group. The Malta-based company will continue to remain as is, operating the same way, with the same 130 staff members. Current CEO Tommi Maijala will also remain involved with the company, as he has been seen as driving force behind the sale. While changes haven’t been ruled out in the future, the move should see iGame Group undertake more audience-effective marketing, resulting in an increases audience reach when it comes to games and software.

Partnering for the Future

Those involved with the takeover have been quick to praise the ease in which it has been done and the potential that it holds for the future. Henrik Tjärnström (Unibet CEO) said, “If you live in the Nordic regions you will already be aware of iGame Group brands. From what we have seen they dominate local markets and with Unibet backing we feel the company can only go from strength to strength. Increased project scale, cross-platform promotion, and international expansion are all things we have in mind”. Tommi Maijala (iGame Group CEO) followed up by saying “We couldn’t be happier to now be a part of the Unibet group, their passion and backing can only help iGame Group grow moving forward”.